Our practical telecommunication courses aim to create quality telecom professionals who can effectively serve in field.

  • 2G to 4G Telecommunication
  • 2G/3G Indoor Coverage Planning
  • 3G Overview – UMTS and HSPA
  • 4G and LTE – Non-Technical Appreciation
  • Antennas for LTE
  • Billing for Mobile Telecoms
  • Billing for Mobile Telecoms – The Basics
  • CDMA Networks
  • CDMA2000™ Radio Access
  • cdmaOne™ Radio Access
  • Cell Planning for GSM Networks
  • Cell Planning for LTE Networks
  • Cell Planning for UMTS Networks
  • Diameter in 3GPP Charging and Billing
  • Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)
  • General Packet Radio System(GPRS)
  • GPRS System Overview
  • GSM Air Interface
  • GSM Architecture and Protocols
  • IMS and its Evolution – UMTS to LTE
  • Interconnect Billing
  • Intro to Radio Planning for Mobile Networks
  • Introduction to GSM – Non Technical
  • Introduction to GSM and GPRS

Introduction to GSM Optimization

Introduction to UMTS Optimization

LTE (Long Term Evolution) – In-Depth

LTE Air Interface

LTE Air Interface: Physical and MAC Layers

LTE Charging Management and Applications

LTE Core Network

LTE Evolved Packet Core Network

LTE Interworking

LTE Parameters and Tuning

LTE Radio Access Network

LTE RF Analysis and Design

  • LTE RF Analysis and Design for Public Safety
  • LTE RF Network Planning
  • Primer in Mobile Communications – Non Technical
  • Principles of Radio Site Engineering
  • Signal Processing for Mobile Communications
  • SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol)
  • Telecoms and Networking Boot camp
  • Telecoms – Today and Tomorrow Market Workshop
  • Telecoms – Today and Tomorrow Technology Workshop
  • TETRA RF Network Planning
  • TETRA System Overview
  • The Basics of Trunked Communications and TETRA
  • The Economics of Telecommunication
  • UMTS Air Interface
  • Fundamentals of Radio: Analysis, Design and Propagation
  • Fundamentals of RF, Wireless Systems and Networks
  • Implementing Professional Wi-Fi Networks
  • IUWNE – Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials – v1.0

Radio System Engineering - Principles and Practice

RF Fundamentals for Wireless Communications

Satellite Communications: Earth Station Design and Analysis

Satellite Communication

Securing Wi-Fi Networks - Security Boot Camp

Supporting Wi-Fi Users - for Help Desk Staff

Understanding IEEE 802.11ad In Depth

Understanding Mobile & Wireless Communications

Understanding Wi-Fi Seminar

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi / VoWLAN)
VoIP and Unified Communications (UC)
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Installation Auditor™ (CWIA)
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Designer™ (CWND)
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Installer™ (CWNI)
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Manager™ (CWNM)
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Surveyor™ (CWNS)
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Security Auditor™ (CWSA)
WCC WCC Certified Wi-Fi Security Manager™ (CWSM)
Wi-Fi Mesh RF Designer Boot Camp
Wi-Fi Network Design Professional (WNDP)
Wireless Networks

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