Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Customer service training is the training and teaching that employees undergo to improve customer support and satisfaction. It’s an iterative process that involves teaching skills, competencies, and tools needed to better serve customers so they derive more value from products and services.

  • Certified Brand Manager (CBM)
  • Certified Customer Service Professional
  • Certified Marketing Professional (CMP)
  • Certified Sales Manager (CSM)
  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
  • Advanced Customer Service
  • After-sale Service as an Input for Keeping Customers Loyalty
  • Blue Ocean Strategy for Customer Service
  • Customer Loyalty: Strategies and Measurement
  • Customer Relationship Management: CRM Strategic Roadmap
  • Developing an Effective Customer Service Strategy for Government Agencies
  • How to Resolve Customer Service Problems, level 1
  • Implementing and Managing a Customer Complaints System, level 2
  • Triple Strength in Customer Service – a Practical Approach
  • Achieving Excellence in Customer Service – Providing a Quality Service
  • Customer Service for Beginners
  • Distribution Channels: Optimizing Market Penetration

Marketing Strategy for International Businesses

Mastering Pragmatic Marketing

Integrated approach to Marketing Planning – Effective Strategies & Operational Plans

Effective Promotion and Advertisement Strategies

Financial Aspects of Sales and Marketing

New Product Launch using Marketing Communication: Proven Strategies and Techniques

Marketing Research – How to Invade New Markets

Excellent Customer Service What your Customers Really Want

  • Digital Marketing – Developing Tomorrow’s Marketers‎
  • Internet Marketing and Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing and Networking
  • Creative Retail Selling and Visual Merchandising
  • Top Customer Service Strategies
  • Effective Retail Management
  • Open-market Sales
  • Excellent Sales & Marketing Supervisory Skills
  • Major Accounts Selling: Negotiating and Winning RFPs
  • Effective Sales using NLP
  • Value-based Selling: Overcoming Price Objections
  • The Art of Selling – How to Sell The SMART Way (Including NLP Tips)
  • Sales Planning – Foundation Course
  • Territory and Time Management for Sales people
  • Achieving Outstanding Sales Results for Big Sales
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills & Consultative Selling

Effective Strategies for Gaining Best Sales Opportunities

Power Negotiation using Psychological Tools

Power Selling

Selling Ice to an Eskimo

Customer Care & Telephone Skills

Championing Customer Mindset

Fundamentals of Marketing

Driving Sales as a Consultant: Consultative Selling Strategies

Sales Engagement Tools and Techniques

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