Logistics and supply chain contributes greatly to the success of any company’s operations and has a direct impact on its bottom line. it is clear that logistics training is a fundamental factor to successfully manage any company’s operations. An effective training and development programs can greatly improve logistics management within a company. Relevant skills and knowledge are critical to run logistics efficiently.

  • Supply chain professional/specialist
  • Evaluating and Rating Suppliers
  • Supplier Selection and Negotiation Skills
  • Material Requirements Planning and Production Management
  • Materials Technical Specification, Classification and Coding of Materials
  • Supply chain models and management
  • Basics of Materials and Supply Chain Management
  • Supply chain strategies to resolve supplies issues
  • Supply chain platform, communities and value chain
  • Building and Developing High Performance Supply Chains
  • Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance and Contract compliance
  • Effective Warehouse Management and Safety
  • Advanced Warehousing and Storage Technology
  • Creating the “Perfect Warehouse”
  • MRO Warehouse Operation System
  • Effective IDLE Stock Management
  • Purchasing & Warehousing Expenditure – What you should do
  • Integrated Warehouse Management and Inventory Control

Strategic Sourcing: 7 Steps for Better Procurement Value

Successful Fleet and Transport Management

Supply Chain Risk Management

The Certified Buyer

Warehouse Operations and Management

Global Logistics and Supply Chain

TQM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Management of Purchasing and Logistics Contracts

Managing Procurement Contract Disputes

Advanced Purchasing and Cost Saving Techniques

External Procurement Relationship Policies and Procedures

Procurement and Subcontract Management

  • Procurement Management in Compliance with ISO 9001
  • Procurement System: Correspondence, Negotiation, Contracting and arbitration
  • Procurement Systems and Measuring Supplier Performance
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Advanced Procurement Systems and Contract Management
  • Best Practices in Purchasing
  • Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and SLA’s
  • Legal Aspects of Purchasing
  • Mastering E-Purchasing
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Planning, Creativity & Prediction
  • Strategic Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  • Best Practices in Supply Chain Planning and Supplier Scheduling
  • Purchasing Contract Preparation and Effective Negotiation
  • Warehouse and Stores Management
  • Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory
  • Inventory & Stock Control Management
  • Stock Management, Forecasting and Demand Planning: Tools and Techniques

Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection

Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance & Contract Compliance

Procurement Best Practices

Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies

Warehouse and Stores Management

Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Certificate in Warehouse Management

Certified Purchasing Manager
Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and SLAs
Fundamentals of Purchasing
International Transport, Logistics and Freight Rates
Inventory Planning and Stock Control
Leading and Managing Vendor Relations
Logistics Management
Materials and Supply Chain Management
Negotiation Strategies for Better Purchasing Value
Procurement Planning and Bid Management
Production Management and Material Requirements Planning
Purchasing Management and Cost Saving Techniques

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