Public relations programs designed to enhance your business reputation through a wide range of PR activities, and to have a positive public image to create and maintain a good reputation amongst the audience and media.

  • Business Etiquette and Protocol
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Developing the Organizational Culture through Media
  • Essential Public Relation Skills for Leaders
  • Essentials of Public Relations and Media
  • Integrated Skills for Public Relations Managers
  • International Public Relations Management
  • Public Relations and International Protocols
  • Re-constructing Public Relations and Media Department
  • Strategies of Public and Diplomatic Relations
  • The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Communications
  • The Malaysian Public Relations Model
  • The Role of Public Relations in Building the Identity of an Organization
  • Crisis Management Strategies for Public Relations Professionals
  • Events and Conferences Management
  • Hospitality Events and Conferences Management
  • The Role of Public Relation Professionals in Conferences and Exhibitions

Essential Skills for Writing and Editing News

CertificationInfluential Media Skills

Modern Advertising and Promoting Campaigns

Preparing and Launching Effective Media Campaigns

Preparing and Presenting News Programs

Public Relations Campaigns: From Planning to Execution

Avoid and Handling Social Media Disasters

Basics of Social Media & Online PR

Google Analytics for PR

Information Technology as a Tool for Supporting Public Relations and Media Activities

Mastering Social Media – WORKSHOP

PR and Search Engine Optimization

Writing for Online Audiences

Modern Public Relations and Media Strategy

Re-Constructing of Modern Public Relations and Media Department

Social Media & Communication Technology

Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management

Media Relations, Crisis Communication & Getting Free Publicity

Effective Communication, Report writing and Presentation Skills

Protocol & Event Management (Endorsed by ILM under “Event Management Specialist”)

Planning and Managing PR Campaigns

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