Our wide range of contract & law programs will help you to be aware of the legal issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of any business, make the judgment calls and decisions that business professionals makes on a daily basis.

  • International Contracting: Global Sourcing, Selecting Contract Clauses & Successful Completion
  • The Contracts & Project Management MBA
  • Mastering Contracts Management
  • Contract Risk Management & Compliance
  • Contract & Project Risk Management & Compliance
  • Managing & Negotiating with Consultants & Contractors: Selecting, Developing and Working with Suppliers
  • Oil & Gas Contracts
  • Commercial and Business Contracts: A Practical Guide
  • Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts
  • International Contracting: Global Sourcing, Selecting Contract Clauses & Successful Completion
  • Service Level Agreements: Planning, Negotiating & Managing High-quality Performance Contracts
  • Construction Contracts Master class: Developing & Managing Successful Construction Contracts
  • Certified Contract Manager (CCM)
  • Construction Contract Management and Settlement of Contractual Disputes
  • Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations
  • Effective Arbitration, Negotiation and Contract Preparation

Effective Contract Writing and Avoiding Legal Disputes

Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies

Electronic Contracts Formulation and Management

International Commercial Contract Arbitration

International Contract Conclusion

International Contracting and Effective Negotiation

Managing & Negotiating with Consultants & Contractors

Managing Contractual Claims

Production Sharing Contracts & Upstream Financial Analysis

Project Management for Contract Professionals

Service Level Agreements

Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation

  • Contract & Project Risk Management & Compliance
  • Contract Management and Risk Reduction
  • Anti Money Laundering & Compliance
  • Contract Fraud Detection
  • Improving Corporate Governance, Transparency & Anti-Corruption Measures
  • Investigating Administrative Corruption
  • Strengthening Governance, Transparency & Integrity in Governments
  • Administrative Law – Introduction to Principles and Procedure
  • Advanced Bond & Debt
  • Best Practices for Managing and Leading In-House Legal Team
  • Certified Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Corporate Governance for Lawyers
  • Effective Legal Writing For Non-Lawyers
  • Essentials of Environmental Law and Practice

Essentials of Labor/Employment Law

Legal Interpretation and Translation

Legal Secretary and Administration

Loan Documentation - Agreement and Administrative Provisions

Preparing and Writing Legal Reports

Proficiency in Legal Research

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